You deserve freedom in your career. We help you get it.

The accountability and resources you need to get a junior developer job.

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How it works

We understand you.

We start by having a 30 minute call with you. We get to know you personally so we can craft a learning experience that is right for you.


We support you.

We support your learning with our modern web curriculum, personalized projects, weekly meetings with a mentor and code review with professional developers.


We prepare you.

We take your newly formed kick ass portfolio and help you prepare your resume, give mock interviews and hunt for jobs that will fit your skills perfectly.


What we offer

  • Support. You progress at your own rate with your own mentor.
  • Curriculum. Let us worry about the direction while you focus on learning.
  • Projects. We focus on design so you can focus on code.


Learning to code can give you the freedom you crave in your life. Flexable work hours, working remote from anywhere in the world 🌎, no shortage of jobs, great pay. But learning to code is hard. You can go to school for years, attend a bootcamp or learn on your own - lots of options all with significant personal sacrifice. wants to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to code at their own pace. We listen, understand individual goals and craft a journey unique to each person. With professional guidance provides the accountability and resources you need to get the job of your dreams.

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πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Go Getter

$199.00 USD / month

For those making a step in the right direction

  • 4 Mentor calls per month
  • Your own personalized workspace
  • Standard curriculum
  • 2 extra mentor calls per month
  • Mentor questions and answers
  • Custom curriculum
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πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Goal Crusher

$399.00 USD / month

For the serious and bold looking to speed ahead

  • 4 Mentor calls per month
  • Your own personalized workspace
  • Standard curriculum
  • πŸš€2 additional mentor calls per month
  • ❀️Mentor questions and answers
  • πŸ—Custom curriculum
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What's in it for me?


We provide weekly calls with your mentor to make sure you are reaching your goals and to give you a chance to ask questions or pair program a hard problem. On top of that we also code review every project that is produced through your work on the curriculum.

We do not provide class time, we don't require you to sit in a room while someone talks at you. Instead we provide you with the resources you need to succeed - just a call away.

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Our curriculum is modern and focuses on building strong problem solving skills along with practical coding abilities.

Our curriculum contains:

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • React
  • Algorithms & Data Structures
The best part is you pay month by month, so if you already know part of our curriculum, skip it!

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The best way to learn and understand is to practice. That is why we created projects that will make sure each lesson is solidified - and you get a nice portfolio piece.

Because you are unique your projects should be too. We collaborate with you to create a project that will last the entire curriculum, a project that you can connect with personally. Our designers give you a beautiful design to work with so you can focus on coding.

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